How to Overclock Your Graphics Card in 2017

How to Overclock Your Graphics Card in 2017 .

Overclocking Your Graphics Card (GPU) Is A Great Way Of Getting More Performance Out Of Your GPU. Whether you’re using an NVidia or AMD Graphics Card the Principle Is the Same. 

1. Do Small Increments To Build Up Your Overclock.

2. Don't Add More Power Or Voltage Until You Have To.

3. Benchmark Your System Until Its Stable.

4. Fully Test On All Your Games.

5. Any Artifacts, Colors, and Crashing, Tearing Means The Overclock Is Not Stable.

6. Overclock And Benchmark To Settings You Will Use When Playing Games At. If You Are Going To Use Ultra Settings And High Screen Resolutions And Anti-Aliasing Then Make Sure You Benchmark At These Settings. 

Note: Voltage and Power Can Damage and Shorten the Life of Your GPU
Works with GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080 and many other cards.

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