Why is Your Computer Running Slow

Why is My Computer Running Slow By Britec09.

Over Time Your Computer Will Slow Down, This Could Be Due To A Number Of Things And We Will Go Over Some Of These In This Video. Regular Computer Maintenance Is Very Important To Keep Your Computer Running In Tip-Top Condition. To Many Programs On Startup Can Contribute To A Computer Slowness On Boot Up. Browsing The Internet With Multiple Browser Windows Or Tabs Open Can Slow The Computer Down, It Will Use Up A Lot Of The Computers Memory. To Many Browser Add-Ons And Extensions Can Make Browsing Very Slow. Malware And Viruses Are Another Problem Which Will Slow Down The Computer Performance.

Here Is Some Reasons Why Your Computer Is Running Slow. 
  • Browser Has Too Many Add-Ons Or Extensions
  • Remove Programs From Startup
  • Do Not Use Multiple Security Programs
  • Hardware Is Bad Or Failing
  • Malware / Adware And Viruses
  • Remove Dust From Computer
  • Rogue Program Or Background Process Is Hogging All The Processing Power
  • Hard Drive Is Full
  • Large Files Stored On Desktop
  • Remove Temporary Files And Delete Junk Files
  • Check For Windows Errors
  • Defragment Your Hard Disk (Not Your SSD)
  • You Don't Have Enough Memory
  • Upgrade Your Computer Hardware
  • Re-Install Windows
  • Computer Is Overheating
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